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        Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the dental treatments that is very popular nowadays. Porcelain Veneer is the very popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry too. Porcelain veneer can solve so many problems in the patients and take very short time to get the result. It makes the before and after images very attractive and dramatic change. And by the advertizements and informations that come out makes Porcelain Veneer treatment grown up every year and become the amazing solution of Cosmetic Dentistry.

What is the Porcelain Veneer?

Porcelain veneer is the shell of porcelain that restore on the labial surface of the tooth to make teeth to be more beautiful. In the old days we can not make the veneer like this because there is no retention enough to hold the Porcelain veneer with the tooth. But in the last 20 years, Adhesive Dentistry is growing up very rapidly. We can use Porcelain, Resin, Metal or many kind of material to adhere with the tooth. This makes the technique of porcelain veneer come true. Dentist can grind out the tooth only the labial surface to make the veneer, which is more conservative than gride out all around every surface to make crown. This makes the procedure to restore teeth not so complicated and very conservative to the tooth structure

How can Porcelain Veneer improve your smile?

       Porcelain Veneer can improve your smile in many situations such as:

  1. Make tooth to be whiter In the case that the patients has yellow, brown or gray teeth that come from many situation such as : tetracyclin stain, Fluorosis, variation of yellow color teeth or some of the systemic disease and Vital Bleaching cannot get the satisfy result for the patient . We can do the Porcelain Veneer generally 16 teeth on the upper and lower anterior teeth. 8 teeth form upper left premolar to right premolar and 8 teeth from lower left premolar to right premolar. In some case we have to do more may be on 10 upper and 10 lower according to the patients' smile.

  2. Correct the length of the tooth In the case that the patients has too short or too long tooth, we can correct by doing Porcelain Veneer. Some patients have too short teeth that we cannot see the upper teeth when they are talking or smiling. Some are too long teeth that we see too much of the teeth. We can solve these problems by doing Porcelain Veneer.

  3. Correct the size and shape of the tooth In the case that the patents has deformity of the tooth such as Lateral Peg Shape (small lateral incisor) or in the case that we want to change the shape of the teeth to look better smile such as abrasion incisor teeth which look like a old persons. We can solve these problems by doing Porcelain Veneer.

  4. Space closure In the case that the patients has gap between the tooth may be we can solve the problem by filling with direct composite resin but in the case that we want the restoration that have more strength or more durability of color Porcelain Veneer is suitable on that case

  5. Correct the axis of the tooth In the case that the patients have wrong axis of teeth may be in Inciso-cervical axis or in Labio-lingual axis or sometime in Misio-distal axis. Dentists can analyze the smileline by using Still and Clip Digital Image to study on the computer and correct the axis for the patients by using Porcelain Veneer

      So Porcelain Veneer can use to correct many situation of the defect of smile and take a very short time to do. Sometime we call this technique “One Week Orthodontics” because of in some case we can make dramatic change in the patients'smile in just one week like the Orthodontic do it in 2 years

Porcelain Veneer, the amazing solution in Cosmetic Dentistry

by Dr.Boonyarit Karnjanaves,DDS. Diploma in Prosthodontics

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