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Home Vital Bleaching

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        This technique patients have to do bleaching by themselves under the supervision of the dentists. The treatment begin with dentist will take impression form the patients and construct the Impression tray. The next appointment patients come back to the office to check the tooth shade and the dentists give the bleaching kit and bleaching tray and appropriate concentration of bleaching gel for the patients and instruct the patients to put the bleaching gel into the bleaching tray and cover over their teeth in the mouth do it 15 minutes per time, 3 times a day for one week. Then come back to dentist again after finishing the first week session. Dentist will check the tooth color and giving the new appropriate bleaching gel and do it again for the second week. Home Vital Bleaching usually finish and the patients satisfied in their white teeth in 3 weeks.

Home vital bleaching
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Home Vital Bleaching
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